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GMLS CEO - Mark Goodger About LoadSmart.Net

Mark Goodger knows African transport logistics. He`s enjoyed a long career in customs, border control and international trade. These days he instructs on customs and trade at Masters level at a number of universities. He is CEO of Global Maritime Legal Solutions (GMLS) and the CEO of newly minted LoadSmart. Goodger talks us through this new platform, which provides SADC traders with logistical solutions at their fingertips. What prompted you to develop LoadSmart? Africa is an untapped market, it`s new, it`s got many challenges. One of the issues is the need for international transport solutions between the various countries ...

Maputo (MZ) - Lusaka (ZM)
Maputo (MZ) - Lusaka (ZM)
Maputo (MZ) - Lusaka (ZM)
Maputo (MZ) - Lusaka (ZM)
Brits (ZA) - Brits (ZA)
Ogies (ZA) - Ogies (ZA)
Walvis Bay (NA) - Kolwezi (CG)
Durban (ZA) - Likasi (CG)
Walvis Bay (NA) - Lumbumbashi (CG)
Likasi (CG) - Walvis Bay (NA)
Johannesburg (ZA) - Kolwezi (CG)
Ndlola (ZM) - Lubumbashi (CG)
Lubumbashi (CG) - Johannesburg (ZA)
Johannesburg (ZA) - Zambia (ZM)
Internal External
Lusaka (ZM) - Gauteng (ZA)
Gauteng (ZA) - Internal
Johannesburg (ZA) - KwaZulu Natal (ZA)
Durban (ZA) - Internal
Polokwane (ZA) - JOHANNESBURG (ZA)
Johannesburg (ZA) - Internal
Johannesburg (ZA) - Durban (ZA)
Internal External
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